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View Diary: Hollow Army: Parents kill recruitment (277 comments)

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  •  Either they believe it's right (none)
    and worth dying for, or not.  As it stands, they believe it's right and worth someone else's dying for.

    I didn't support the war and I think the troops should come home.  However, if one supports it, one should be in line to join up and fight it.  The army needs soldiers.  That is clear.  The reason they need them is because of the war.  

    Like many others, my father was desperate to sign up to fight in WWII.  He cheated on an eye test (was color blind) to get in.  There are thousands (if not more) stories like this.  People in their 50s joining up to serve, people who were not well enough to serve trying to volunteer anyway.

    If this is really about US security (as the supporters say) then what is different now?  

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