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    I had a conversation the other night with a former coworker. We'd never much talked about anything but work, so I was shocked to hear his views. Basically, he said going to war because the US wanted somethingw as nothing new; he cited the Spanish-American war and how Hearst had fabricated stories about the horrible Spanish in order to stir up public support. What floored me, though, was when this guy said "If we can get the oil, which is in our national interest, it'll have been worth it." "Oh, so the torture, deaths, mutilations, ruin of our international reputation, etc. is worth it if Joe Sixpack can gas up his SUV on the way to the bar or the whorehouse?" I simply do not want to share the planet with people like that. He deserves every last thing he gets, but why do we?
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      in my little Colorado town.  Of course, out here in the West, the "natives" (i.e. the white folks who think they own the mountains) got the land by killing the folks who were inhabiting it already, so it's no surprise here.

      Unfortunately, I don't think that attitude is confined to my part of the country.  Heck, practically all our land was taken from the natives (no quotation marks this time) by bloodthirsty conquest.

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