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View Diary: Hollow Army: Parents kill recruitment (277 comments)

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  •  Here's the difference (none)
    You can walk past a man bleeding to death in a ditch, and have a reasonable moral debate about whether to invest your resources, perhaps put yourself in danger, to help him.  If you do help, that generous, altruistic, virtuous.

    It's another thing when you are the person who beat the guy up and left him in the ditch in the first place.

    The chickenhawks started this war.  They have a direct responsibility for it.

    The second difference is this:  It would be one thing if our volunteer army were adequate for the task.  (The reason that the Kosovo conflict is not analogous.)  Then we could all relax on the home front.  But it isn't.  Those who support the troops so vocally (and pat themselves on the back for their SUV ribbon magnets), should give the troops real support: sign up, so some poor soldier doesn't get sent for his third tour of duty, some poor guardsman doesn't lose his livelihood activated for an unnecessary conflict, etc

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