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View Diary: Texas teacher pours pencil shavings into student's mouth (233 comments)

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  •  My sister has been teaching high school for 30 (16+ / 0-)

    years in suburban Atlanta, very diverse school and diverse faculty. She absolutely loves everything about it. She handles her students well and she is very petite but she keeps order in the classroom and as athlete director, she has to give some stern lectures to very large male coaches and they obey and follow the regulations. She is one tough bird for being so tiny.  She does not believe in harsh punishments and she has an excellent rapport and reputation with students, faculty, and administration and parents like her.  

    She says the key is being aware of what the students are doing and anticipating their actions before they happen..after a while, you can predict what they might do and nip in the bud. She likes to law down the law the first day of school and be consistent and thus, has few problems with the kids.

    I never had any problems when I was teaching and I was working in public urban and suburban and rural schools as well as GED instruction in jails.  I am also veyr petite and never had a problem with discipline. I wonder if it was being raised by a Marine and my sister and i have commanding and loud voices ..LOL

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    by wishingwell on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 03:33:39 PM PST

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