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View Diary: Why I love Hippies and sorry I am late for the movement ! (75 comments)

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  •  Vetwife, better late than never!!! Similar to you, (12+ / 0-)

    I was "late to THE movement".  Too young for most of it-except for Vietnam, NOW, the environment, Kent & Jackson State, the rest of the civil rights movement, the Black Panthers etal....

    Did not get arrested but in perpetual trouble with my very old school military officer daddy for conduct unbecoming.  

    Living in a military/aerospace medicine community made for tense & extreme environs-atmospheres in my household & too many others as "perfect" offspring morphed into flower children then morphed into defiant anti-establishment militants.  Did not make for pretty little happy times.

    Some of us left & came back in body bags or forever altered.  Some of us (me) left forever & learned how to channel the defiant anti-establishment militant into action.

    My journey started out as a series of stumbles,a billion & a half causes, walking/living the talk on paths so unfamiliar to me.

    The stumbles became fewer as the decades passed; as I witnessed & learned & acted.

    Part of my journey has been to recognize that the journey never ends.  Of the power of one.  The power of a pen.  The power of community; of collective action.  

    Or a donation of stuff- money- sweat.

    That I am too tiny in size to save the entire world but not too tiny to respond to a Who (ala Horton Hears A Who).

    Recent times, I have come to realize that it is ok to focus on specific "causes" instead of a billion & a half.

    That it is ok to not be able to be on the front lines but in supportive solidarity to those that are.  

    That it is ok that my kids & others are convinced that I am a DFH despite the fact that I was too late to be a true hippy (except in my heart).

    That it is ok that I was late to the movement because the movement is for always.  

    43 years now for me: Civil rights, domestic violence, environment, disability, HIV/AIDS, pipeline to prison reform, hunger, homelessness, children's rights, human rights.

    Thank you for the diary, VetWife & for all you have done & do.

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