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View Diary: This week in the War on Workers: Billionaires try to buy LA school board election (47 comments)

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    The hypocrisy of this article is that it sides with the the Teacher's Union which is by definition anti-outcomes and anti-children. As the head of the CTA in Los Angeles said: : we will favor the children only when kids form a union stronger that ours."

    There is no room for public employee unions when those who negotiate contracts are the beneficiaries of union funds. That is nuts. The taxpayer does not sit in on the negotiations, only the two partners in the incest that have destroyed public education.

    Rhee and her millionaires are asking for accountability and outcomes evaluation, nothing more. The money guys support the kids. Rhee is a right wing nut who, like a broken clock, is right twice a day. On teacher accountability she is right. Children in D.C. are victims of teachers and bad parents.

    BTW: Parent accountability must be addressed if this second rate country is to regain its educational leadership.

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      "We will favor the children only when kids form a union stronger that ours."

      Is that Rush Limbaugh speaking?

      Rhee went to D.C. and made a point of bringing cameras in to record a Principal's reaction to being fired. Of course, despite the obvious, she insists that she's the smartest person in every room she's ever graced.

      Problem is, no teacher can make up for bad parents. And only some of it for the problems that have some kids at IQ 60 - 70 - 80 when they arrive at First Grade.

      Rhee and her crew talk brilliantly. Listen? No.

    •  As a 37 year member of the NEA (1+ / 0-)
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      I can tell you that our local teachers' union which represents about 12K teachers is lead by other teachers who earn the same teachers' salary while on leave from the classroom to serve their term of office.  This only applies to the President and Vice President of the union.  The other officers and members of the bargaining team are all volunteers. No one is getting rich in our teachers' union. Union officers and the bargaining team bargain with the elected board of education.  Taxpayers are represented by their elected BOE.  Also--I might add--that public employees are taxpayers.  Somehow, people always seem to forget that.  

      The negotiated agreement deals more with working conditions (only a few pages are devoted to pay issues) which directly impact students.  Teaching conditions happen to also be learning conditions.  Eliminating tenure and other job protections directly impacts students as often the teacher is the only one advocating for costly services for students that the system doesn't want to provide.  Without tenure or some other sort of protection, the teacher can be put in the position of advocating for the student at the cost of their job.

      “It is the job of the artist to think outside the boundaries of permissible thought and dare say things that no one else will say."—Howard Zinn

      by musiclady on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 05:33:27 PM PST

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        I appreciate your effort, but pardon my French; the f&#^%$* idiots who trash teachers on this web site are the worst type of trolls. Thank you again for explaining to yet another moron how education works.

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