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View Diary: Oh noes. Big Baby Rush is having a sad. Says he's "ashamed of his country for the first time." (50 comments)

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  •  I used to listen to Rush occasionally just to hear (6+ / 0-)

    what his ilk were yapping about but since the election I haven't.  I even forgot to turn him on the day after the State of the Union address to hear his comments.

    But I do turn on Hannity on my way home from work and if you did not know it, you would think the election for President was next week.

    But the out right lies, falsehood and ommisions from these people are just so outrageous that I wonder just how did they get to a place where they either hate everyone else or, are willing to sell their souls for cash.

    PS;  Hannity caused me  snicker Thursday when he provided "no wonder MSNBC viewers are shrinking" .......

    Sean Hannity defends Rush Limbaugh, saying he agrees that he's ashamed of America.

    Fox News Ravaged By Free Market As Viewers Flee, Primetime Ratings Dive To Pre-9/11 Lows: "Slump is occurring at time when MSNBC is soaring."

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