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View Diary: 2 haters post hit lists, lose their guns: be happy. (249 comments)

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  •  on bladed weapons, the possession of such do (3+ / 0-)
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    trumpeter, Wino, orlbucfan

    not make a person a threat as there are a good many collectors of various genres who are not a threat to anyone but have some very large, very scary swords.

    •  I have a rather large collection of (5+ / 0-)

      replica medieval weaponry--maces, axes, swords. Also have my handmade chainmail, spangenhelm, lamellar armor, and shield.  They're left over from my younger days as a re-enactor.

      I also have a fair collection of airsoft weapons, including assault rifles. I use them as props in the sci-fi fan films I make for YouTube. (I have only one real gun, though--a pistol that I use for target shooting.)

      And for a number of years I also had a large collection of reptiles, including venomous snakes. I used to do educational talks and shows for school classes, scout troops, etc.

      I suppose any one of those would be enough for some people to consider me crazy.  :)

      •  at some point, being crazy has to be a badge of (4+ / 0-)
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        Ahianne, LilithGardener, Wino, orlbucfan

        honor; I have a rather large collection of African edged weapons and use an ewisa for a cane.  Right now I have a bid out on a naganita used by a clansman enactor in "The Last Samurai" and just picked up a lot of 5 Sub-Saharan knives in another auction.

        My collection is of sufficient interest that I have been encouraged to publish my collection.  Right now, I am trying to sort through the first class stuff, the real deal, and second rate stuff and plain junk.

        OTOH I also have several Egyptian faiences and a fair collection of colonial coppers so I don't know what it says about me except we must both be nuts (after all former SCA types have to stick together)

        •  when I was in South Africa, I wanted soooo badly (3+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          LilithGardener, Wino, orlbucfan
          I have a rather large collection of African edged weapons and use an ewisa for a cane
          to bring home an iklwa, but of course there was no way to get it on a plane and my South African friends told me that if I mailed it home the odds were pretty high it'd never get there (apparently the South African postal service, uh, needs some improvement).
          I don't know what it says about me except we must both be nuts (after all former SCA types have to stick together
          In my younger days, I was pretty good with a longsword, and absolutely lethal with a rapier.  ;)  
          •  I preferred a Claymore, with either a two handed (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            Wino, orlbucfan

            or bastard hilt but now I have a fake Landsknecht's sword
            as a wallhanger, if I can persuade one of the kids to hang it for me.  I have lost sufficient range of motion that I can no longer put things on the wall higher than my shoulder.

            Kids are threatening to put me on "Hoarders" but I tell them most of what I get is former museum pieces.

            BTW you may be able to find a iklwa from Africa Direct:

            I have found some decent pieces from them

        •  I have two rooms full of replica movie props and (3+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          entlord, Wino, orlbucfan

          costumes, but made almost all of them myself.

          I have only two authentic movie props, from two of my favorite movies. One is a foam-rubber stunt Morita rifle from "Starship Troopers", and the other is one of the stunt Roman legion shields from the opening scene of "Gladiator".

          My only authentic ancient weapon is a wakizashi that my grandfather found in the attic of a house that he bought back in the 50's. I'm assuming it was brought here from Japan after the war. It is, sadly, beat all to hell--the blade is chipped and corroded quite a bit, and the tsuba and habaki are missing.

          I was never that much into Asian stuff though--always preferred the European.

          •  I have given my daughter quite a collection (1+ / 0-)
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            of Titanic related material including several vintage models and a pitch script and props from the movie such as a life preserver though the red dress went off for $75K which was beyond my pocketbook.

            Euro has never interested me so much as the African but if you have an interest in Euro stuff, Czerny Auction House always has all sorts of stuff

      •  No only if you drunken facebook post that (2+ / 0-)
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        mindara, Ender

        you are going to kill your congressman with one of your snakes.

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