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  •  It should be noted that part of Bibi's loss (5+ / 0-)

    of popularity stems from matters not directly related to the I-P situation, some amazingly petty and embarrassing IMO. Just recently a story appeared in an Israeli paper that he and his family have racked up thousands of dollars worth of government-paid bills from a favorite ice cream parlor near their residence. Apparently it's vital to his ability to govern that he and his family and guests have access to unlimited supplies of gourmet Israeli "gleeda" (ice cream). He's said to live on a very grand scale, especially when traveling abroad, and that's not playing well with Israelis, who've had to deal with their own austerity.

    I'll never forget a story a friend once told me about Bibi. Back in the 90's, when he was PM the first time, on a visit to NYC he and his family were staying in a hotel near Central Park, and, insisting that they be able to take a stroll there and ignoring the pleadings of the race directors, he forced his security detail and the NYPD to break up a major bike race taking place in the park at the time, with entrants from all over the world. Because the race used the entire 6.1 mile road on the park's perimeter, it was logistically impossible to resume the race afterwards and hundreds of racers went home disappointed.

    There's a Hebrew curse word that I believe applies to him that I only refrain from using because it implies something untoward about his mother, who I'm sure was a lovely person, unlike her very dickish son.

    "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

    by kovie on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 06:17:34 AM PST

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