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View Diary: How to Not Rape: A Practical Guide (Final update) (174 comments)

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    If you start to feel you are owed sex from whoever you are with, back off, take a few minutes to get control of yourself, and re-evaluate.

    Mixing sex and severe mental impairment of any kind (in yourself or your would-be partner) is a bad idea.  Just say no.

    If the person you are with is suddenly non-responsive when they had previously been enthusiastic, stop and back off and see the first tip on the list.  Something may be wrong, and you don't want to add to the problem, do you?

    Any of these tips, if ignored, may lead to a situation that is legally rape.  Even if not, ignoring them is very likely to lead to a situation in which your would-be partner finds herself feeling disturbed, threatened, bullied, dirtied, or at the very least resentful of you and thinking you're an asshole.  Do you consider yourself a good person and not an asshole?  Then don't do that, and I can pretty much guarantee you'll never be accused of rape.

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