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View Diary: Obama in weekly address: Congress must act now to stop sequester (99 comments)

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    In fact, Social Security is NOT an entitlement andhas nothing to do with the budget. It is a self-sustaining paid-in insurance program that only needs tinkering now and again to stay perfectly solvent. Likewise, Medicare is largely paid-for also. Even when Medicare outstrips its income, we are just shifting money we would have to spend anyway, unless one thinks it's OK to let senior citizens just get sick and die... The ONLY reson we are even having these discussions is that the "de-regulator" class saw that the big yachts and big private jets of the 80's could be MUCH bigger, if only they had EVEN MORE money.

    Republicans want smaller gov't for the same reason crooks want fewer cops. - James Carville

    by wyckoff on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 07:48:12 AM PST

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      because it's just a big shout out to the Simpson Bowles crowd and it just stops me dead in my tracks from any kind of support to any Democrat for any office.  

      I'm 62.  I'm not a bargaining chip.  I don't want to be "reformed".  I need to plan my retirement.  I don't need these bozos forever trying to figure out just how much they can screw me in the fine print, in the dead of night, when I'm not looking and get away with it.

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