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  •  Good afternoon to the morning people! (6+ / 0-)

    Kim Fowley is going on the "Invasion of the Polaroid People."  Just so you know.

    Do you play a musical instrument? What instrument do you wish you played, and who do you wish you played like? Who do you wish you could sing like? What's the best Saturday morning cartoon of all time? Should there be nuts in banana bread? Who is your favorite lyricist?
    I play guitar.  Strum, mostly.

    I wish I played guitar better.  Playing like Jorma Kaukonen would work for me.

    I wish I could sing like Jack Bruce.

    Rocky & Bullwinkle, and anything connected to them.

    Nuts are fine in banana bread.  But banana bread is also fine without 'em.

    Favorite lyricist of my era would be Joni Mitchell, with honorable mention to Randy Newman.  Favorite lyricist of the next era is David Byrne, hands down.  I don't think there's another.  Well, Elvis Costello is clever, but David beats him by a mile, for me.

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