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  •  It was cold this morning (6+ / 0-)

    when the paramedics came at 6:00.  Hubby's blood glucose was down to 24, and that was after I had given him 1 1/2 protein bars and part of a ginger ale.

    You have interrogatories; I have responses:

    Do you play a musical instrument? I played flute for five years in school.  Like a lot of my other skills, this one is pretty rusty from disuse.
    What instrument do you wish you played, and who do you wish you played like? Piano, like Bruce Hornsby.
    Who do you wish you could sing like? Judy Collins.
    What's the best Saturday morning cartoon of all time?  George of the Jungle, which by definition includes Tom Slick and Super Chicken
    Should there be nuts in banana bread? Yes.  Preferably black walnuts.
    Who is your favorite lyricist? W.S. Gilbert and Noel Coward.

    You can't keep a mighty tree alive (much less expect it to thrive) by only spritzing the fine leaves at its tippy-top. The fate of the whole tree depends on nurturing the grassroots. - Jim Hightower

    by PSzymeczek on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 02:58:55 PM PST

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