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View Diary: Bob Woodward rewrites the history of the sequester (34 comments)

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    Thank you for your patient, scrupulous attention to the details which are a matter of public record.

    I agree with you--this diary did not establish that Woodward "rewrote history", as the title suggests.  Instead, it admits that what Woodward said was true:
    * the sequester was proposed by the White House and approved by the president, and
    * it was "cuts-only".

    The rest of the article is--in the name of context--, giving the reasons (if you are a Dem) or the excuses (if you're GOP) that the administration has for doing what it did.  And yes, those reasons/excuses/contexts are also facts, but they don't make Woodward's comments any less factual.  "I didn't do it", and "the other guy made me do it" are two different claims. And "who owns it", is another topic for another day.

    The folks who are arguing with you are having trouble admitting that Obama, Lew, and Carney are, frankly, wrong about whose idea it (i.e., the sequester) was and whether tax hikes were included.  By the way, is pretty fair to both sides, IMHO.

    Not that anybody asked me, but this problem is hard enough to solve without the constant misrepresentations on both sides.  If I were King I would lock them up without food until they made a deal.

    Vote in haste, repent in leisure.

    by wrecktafire on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 02:25:36 PM PST

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