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View Diary: DKos Special Diary: The Mythical John Wesley Powell and the 1869 Expedition, Part 6 (27 comments)

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  •  Super diary, Rich (3+ / 0-)

    The thrills keep on coming! That j-rig contraption photo is a doozie. You must have lost a few tourists there! Powell does indeed look much older than his presumed 45 years in the first picture. He has not started to lose his hair yet, but his face shows the results of year outdoors n the sun in the days before sunblock (hey, that was just a few decades ago. The only stuff that was on the market in my youth were oily concoctions meant to magnify the suns rays!! Duh.)  

    Your pictures and photos really enhance your diaries and help bring your narratives and presentations to life. Since these are without question one-time educational diaries and lectures in which you present your research, I would not worry too much about the pictures and photos you use thanks to the fair use law. This sensible law was put into place so that scholars like yourself are not unduly constrained by those who might want to limit such educational endeavors (and detract from our unique opportunities to learn). Anyway, sorry for the side comments, but I think you were unfairly 'commented upon' a few diaries back.          

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      RiveroftheWest, Don Enrique

      and I like the not so subtle way of saying what you said about the picture posting, Don Enrique. You are a master of words and thought, indeed. Yep, the J-rigs. . .5 tons of a great ride. But you had to be careful navigating the shoals, as it were. You don't want to flip one of those babies. I also oared that monstrosities, the 18-foot baloney boats. In those days, you didn't 'face the danger,' but backed in and put muscle into it; a different kind of peddle to the metal stance. Those Green River canyons, as well as running the Yampa. . .I don't think I quite experienced the adventure as did the river rat charges. I was too busy working and worrying about mishaps. HA! Anyway, I am happy you enjoy reading the series, and there's 3 more to go; the real stuff of this adventure and drama all rolled into one. See you on the boat, as it were. There's only 2 left after Separation Rapid.

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      by richholtzin on Fri Mar 01, 2013 at 05:48:07 PM PST

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