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View Diary: DKos Special Diary: The Mythical John Wesley Powell and the 1869 Expedition, Part 7 (16 comments)

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  •  Thanks for this really good series (10+ / 0-)

    While I have what I think is a better than average knowledge of this, you have filled in lots of details.


    •  you humble me. . . (7+ / 0-)

      but I beg to differ. I have perused so many of your diaries I stand in your shadows. Sorry, but this is not a polemic. I am very new to this community and I know a master when I see one. Hope this remark doesn't earn me a bad mark in the protocol of this community. I could site many other diarists I feel the same way about, but you tend to influence me the most. In any event, I am honored to have your support, Ojibwa. There have been so many others in this community that I am overwhelmed with similar support.  I know in my professional league of educators I seem to hold my own, but this community is so very new to me compared to the dozen or so years interacting with my usual group. So, this is why I tread softly into this new community and mindset. Thank you for helping improve my approach to writing the temperament of diaries I have been posting. I also hope the next few installments on this mega diary series will not disappoint you. This is a complicated man and issue that I think warrants a very thorough overview.

      Treat the world (yourself, and others) as part of a living organism. Everyone and everything will benefit.

      by richholtzin on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 05:37:57 PM PST

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