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View Diary: Being Poor and Dying is for real. I need your advice in life and death situation (69 comments)

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  •  Ole Texan (6+ / 0-)

    does your sister have an attorney, or anyone who might represent your family's interests?  if not, a pastor or another family member?

    it may be the patient care advocate can take care of everything, and i hope so.  sometimes, hospital administrators are intimidating.  it's the worst possible time for your sister, when i'm sure she's in an emotional tsunami over her boy, to have to deal with the financial/legal side.  

    if another member of the family could go with her as a witness, that might help later on, especially if the person takes notes.  documentation can make a huge difference in court, even scribbled notes.

    i'm so sorry for all of you, and hope things look much better in the next 48 hours or so.

    •  Avila, I do not know (5+ / 0-)

      of any representations that my sister might have, or don`t have for that matter. This happened so unexpectedly and I did not have time or questions to ask her this morning.

      I really doubt though that legal help is what interests her at this juncture. I just now tried to call her on the phone. As I expected, she is not home, and I`m sure she is at his side at the hospital.

      I have been getting some very good advise that I will pass on to my sister right from this comments section tonight.

      My sister has several college educated daughters that I am sure will go with her to the hospital after I talk to her.

      Thank you again

      Old men tell same old stories

      by Ole Texan on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 03:57:09 PM PST

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