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  •  Meanwhile, in the American Catholic Church (2+ / 0-)

    Cardinal Dolan of New York, formerly of Milwaukee, was deposed this weekn the bankruptcy hearing of that Diocese.Lawyers are interested in his moving 170 million dollars from the general fund and into to the Catholic Cemetaries of Milwaukee's perpetual care fund.  That's a lot of grass mowing, folks, probably unitil the year 3013.  It would appear that there might have been some question as to whether the jovial and holy Cardinal Dolan might possibly be making some sort of an attempt to hide funds so that they couldn't be taken in lawsuit settlements.  

    The diocese has since gone bankrupt, but I wonder if that money in the perpetual care fund was untouchable.  

    I don't see him becoming the first American pope if any of this can be proven. I'm not even sure he'll be asked back to say the opening prayer at the next GOP convention.

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