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    I have not been a participant in bashing the RCC or any church for that matter, but I have no patience with religion in general and hierarchical religion in particular. The official attitudes of the RCC towards issues important to women are archaic and controlling. The opposition to family planning is criminal. With one short sentence from the pope, women could have increased access to pregnancy prevention. In many parts of the world, complications of pregnancy, labor and delivery still claim the lives of millions of women and the pope endorses endless pregnancies. In the absence of forbidding men to have sex, contraception is an effective way to improve the health and survival of women and the children they already have.

    "Bashing" or repeating unsubstantiated accusations of misbehavior is unacceptable. However, it is just as reasonable for those of us who find religion unbelievable and church doctrine offensive to express our opinions as it is for Timaeus and others to express their support of either the RCC or religion in general.

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