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View Diary: The need for building a Chinese American Kossack community (33 comments)

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  •  Good luck with building the community (8+ / 0-)

    I certainly sympathize with your ambitions and hope you grow a thriving community.

    I am also fairly new to contributing to DailyKos so I understand how some people are quick to dismiss someone who hasn't been around for very long, but that goes for many internet forums. However I have also been greatly inspired by the diaries I read here and can't imagine not being involved in the site.

    My parents are ethnically Chinese but did not raise me as such and so I do not identify culturally to them. When people ask my ethnicity my initial reaction is always to say "American." The city where I grew up, while we were clearly a minority, I was never treated as such in my social circles, and so I definitely feel a disconnect between my experience and the experiences of other Chinese-Americans.

    Now that I'm older, there is part of me that feels a sense of loss over not having a stronger sense of my Chinese/Asian heritage. It's not a priority in my life, but I know that it is a part of who I am as much as anything else.

    I do not know if I will ever truly embrace my Chinese side, but hope to regain some connection, for myself, my relationship with my parents, and for my soon-to-be-born son, who I hope will have a strong sense of all of his heritage.

    I really do hope you or someone else succeeds in growing a strong Chinese-American community here, for the benefit of all who come to Dailykos.

    •  There is also a difference between 1st (7+ / 0-)

      and 2nd generation immigrants. It is usually believed that 2nd generation is more progressive than the 1st generation (many older Chinese Americans voted for Obama only after being dragged to the polling station by their children :-)).

      My kids will probably grow up like you are. I'd be interested in your perspective too.

    •  I was sitting with a friend who is ethnic chinese (1+ / 0-)
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      in a group of older white ladies.

      "Where are you from, dear," they asked.

      "I live in San Francisco."

      "I mean originally," the lady said, a bit impatiently.

      "New Jersey," she answered. :-)

      Fry, don't be a hero! It's not covered by our health plan!

      by elfling on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 06:23:54 PM PST

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