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  •  Judgement is always necessary (5+ / 0-)
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    When mucking about with rules that might be lumped under a Department of Pre-Crime, it is important to consider how a person might get convicted of a prior crime.  Take juvenile crime, for example.  We accept that adolescents can make bad judgements and form attachments to people who will lead them into a criminal act, and straighten out when their more mature brains finally catch up with their growing size and strength.  There are exceptions, of course, but that approach to most juvenile crime seems reasonable to me.  Then consider the problem of a racist justice system.  I can think of a couple of instances in my life where a person of color came away with a conviction for a violent act, when a reasonable assessment of the event would have deemed his act to be self defense.  Somebody has to apply judgement to sort those things out.  How we do that is a major question, but the need to do it should not be.

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