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View Diary: CIA Expert to Bush/Cheney: "Get A Grip On Reality" of Iraq (220 comments)

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  •  definitely (4.00)
    in many cases it is "willful ignorance".  I really believe  it is  too painful and time consuming for many Americans to get involved with. They dont want to belive that our leaders have anything but our best interests at heart, so they remain content to wallow in their ignorance, so long as things are good for them.  

    And for many, many people their is a sense that its always been like this, and their is nothing they can do that would make a difference. I do my best to try and educate them as to the power of vocal minorities, ie the christian right, but like I said its an uphill battle.

    Which is where true political and journalistic leadership comes in. We do have some brave voices out there, in here, but we will require many more to draw people out of their caves.  Unfortunately, its a sad fact of human nature, that for most people, our best lessons are learned from pain, and I fear people will remain willfully ignorant of others pain, till the worst has occured.

    •  A textbook case of this willful ignorance: (none)

      Larry Johnson is at it again
      I guess Larry must be the token looney toons at the Counterterrorism blog. Today's post go so far off on the deep end that it's actually a full bellied laugher.

      Let's see. The Iraqis have elected a government that represents Sunni, Shia and Kurdish elements in the population. The Sunni defense minister has recently launched Operaion Lightning, involving 40,000 Iraqis troops routing out "insurgents" in Baghdad, arresting terrorists and capturing large numbers of weaponry, bomb making materials and VBIEDs. Polls have shown Iraqis uniformly support the new government and oppose the "insurgents". Large numbers of terrorists and many of the top leadership have been captured. Zarqawi may be dead. Sunni leadership has recently begun encouraging cooperation with the government and issued a fatwa approving of Sunni men joining the military.

      But Larry thinks things are falling apart. Larry thinks Iraq is in the middle of a civil war. Larry thinks the cause is lost.

      Rather than the Bush administration needing to get a grip on reality, it is Larry who needs to. His reality only exists in his head, and the heads of many other leftists who refuse to face the truth.

      My italics

      I love the way a quick reading of headlines (ironically from a site called 'anitmedia') trumps an experienced and considered deliberation on a volatile situation half way around the world.

      Oh, and how any criticism is automatically attributed to 'leftists'.  I don't think you need to be a 'leftist' to feel that our position in Iraq is troubled.  But if you align criticism with a political position, you make the people who don't consider themselves party to that political group uncomfortable to hold the criticism.

      Freedom isn't free. So why are you bitching about taxes?

      by Sylvester McMonkey Mcbean on Fri Jun 03, 2005 at 09:21:05 AM PDT

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      •  They've set it up so any critic is a leftist (none)
        and thereby ignorable.  No matter what their actual conservative/Republican bona fides.

        It's like they have their fingers in their ears and hum when Pat Buchannan or Bill Buckley criticize the war.  

        Reagan himself could step out of his grave and if he criticized this administration the Freepers would call him a commie symp.

        These are truly the cristo fascist zombie brigade.  When we get the country back we may have to open reeducation camps.

      •  What I want to know is (none)
        what is the point at which even these people cannot continue to maintain the facade for themselves?

        If we're winning now, then that means a positive result is imminent, right?  What does "imminent" mean for these people?  Within what timeframe will our troops be coming home with the victory notched in their belts?  And what is "victory" -- can we have that spelled out for us, please, so we'll all recognize it when we see it?

        Because BushCo Followers, this shit ain't going away.  It's going to keep carrying on exactly like it is now, for months and months and months and months and we are going to be stuck in Iraq for years and years and years, according to BushCo's own leader, Cheney.  American soldiers are going to keep coming home in body bags in the dead of night but in the back of your mind, you'll have the running total all right.  How many American dead (because we all know Iraqis don't matter) will be acceptable?  At what point, numerically, does the cost outweigh the benefits?  When the American dead from Iraq exceeds in number the American dead from 9/11?

        I want these people to quantify what is "victory" and tell me where they will put their cap on what cost is ultimately justifiable for this victory.

      •  There is only one statistic worth noting about (none)
        Iraq - how many US personnel are stationed there.  

        If the Bushies really thought things were going well then you would see the number of our troops in Iraq on the decline.

        Until that happens, all this administratoin "happy talk" is pure bullshit.

        ownership society - you are on your own

        by Sam I Am on Fri Jun 03, 2005 at 03:08:22 PM PDT

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