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View Diary: CIA Expert to Bush/Cheney: "Get A Grip On Reality" of Iraq (220 comments)

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  •  The Party of No Morality (none)

    I'm so pissed at how ignorant Republican apologists are. Yes, this is all planned chaos, so Bush and his real "base" (F-911) can steal. Simple as that.

    But I'm really pissed at the moment about all of this lying and diversion on the Right about the allegations of torture and abuse of detainees.

    It makes the U.S. look sooooo bad!!!!!

    Righties (and Bush publicly) claim all of these allegations are just Al Qaeda trained militants who are trained to lie.

    This is the most obvious lie Bush and his people have ever told and if the MSM doesn't call them on it, I think we just need to foreclose on every media outlet in the country and start from scratch. Revolk all liscenses.

    Are we releasing Al Qaeda? Because the detainees charging torture have been released... ie the 75% that had no connection to terrorism at all.

    And... weren't there photos? Anybody remember those? Aren't there video and photos so terrible, the public in America hasn't been permitted to see them yet? Rethugs are too stupid to know this though probably.

    Republicans have no morals. They are unable to take personal responsibility for their own lives and beliefs. This is what morality is in large part. The problem isn't that Republican have superior or different morality, it's that they don't have an authentic morality at all.

    This is and always has been, the innate hypocrisy and invalidity of the Republican Party as a political group.

    It's time for the Republican Party to be impeached (hee hee)! How many criminal actions do we permit before we foreclose on this corrupt institution? How long will we go on permitting the Republicans to put us all in mortal danger because of their ignorance and greed? It's my view that the Republican Party has proven that it does not respect the U.S. Constitution, the American Way/Dream, Truth, Justice, all those good ol' fashioned G.I. Joe values.

    Our two party system for the New Millenium:

    Dems vs. Progressives.

    "I'm not altogether on anyone's side, because no one is altogether on my side." -Treebeard. ..."But I'm always on top!" (Think I'm Libertarian? Think dirtier.)

    by Jeff Gannon on Fri Jun 03, 2005 at 10:37:14 AM PDT

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