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View Diary: Four North Dakota high school students wear KKK costumes to hockey game (74 comments)

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    If one respects the right to free expression...say directed negativly at Muslims, but when it reminds a society of it's own soiled expression is 'wrong'...there seems to be a contridiction.

    Personally, I am beginning to like the concept of free expression...although I objected to it at first.

    I see the point starts a civil dialouge, and brings to a point issues such as bigotry to 'self reflection' and perhaps the beginning of a way to end it.

    When I saw the 'reaction' of people speaking out against Pam Geller's hateful bus adverts, and the coming together of people...and especially Muslims making light of it on 'my jihad' twitter pages...I understood it is good to be free to express one's self...but be held to the benefit, or consequense of one's words and deeds.

    Ms Geller wasted alot of time and money to incite anger, and it backfired.  We laugh now about it.  We make light of 'jihad' on Muslim twitter pages...and so on.

    I personally would love to shake the hand of the hatemongers now...they have, for the most part, shown Muslims thier foolishness in reacting blindly to words, and...well...better days are coming.

    I do think that calling these symbols of hate 'costumes' is minimising the evil they represent.  However, seeing other students shout them down was honourable, and we always hope that these three will be careful in what they express, and how they express themselves in the future.

    The true strength of of an oath is forged in adversity.

    by Nur Alia Chang on Sun Feb 24, 2013 at 06:47:19 AM PST

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