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View Diary: Getting Help with Mental Illness (39 comments)

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  •  You are to be commended for your resolve and (12+ / 0-)

    kindness in reaching out to others wiht serious mental health issues.  The stigma with this is a big problem.  the last thing people want to hear is that they have a major mental health diagnosis.  Have you checked out groups or organizations that have a significant peer presence, that is where people with lived experience of major mental health issues meet to discuss the many challenges they face.  For some people these groups are very helpful, but as you say there are other supports for people who are dealing with this problem.  I have worked with people with major mental health challenges and long term homelessness for many years, yes, this work can be difficult, but many people can get services with the proper approach than mnay Americans think.  We need more mental health services and more campaigns to counter act the terrible stigma associated with mental health issues.  I hope you continue to post here and other places because alot of people gain hope and motivation from your personal words.
    Mental health problems affect alot of people over the course of their lives and we can help each other sooner if we want to take the chance of caring for each other in a more open honest way.  

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