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View Diary: What are the Issues in Northeast California (CA-01)? - Congressman Doug LaMalfa's District (8 comments)

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  •  Not as hard right (4+ / 0-)

    as I might have suspected, based on this:

    I grew up in Humboldt, the polar opposite of the Redding area, so I suppose my opinions are colored by that. But I actually am encouraged the results were as close as they were in the last election (57R 42D). I would have chalked that up to a 60+ R district, but I was wrong.

    In any case, the major drag on the region is, in my view, the lack of a major university in Redding. If that had happened back in the 60's or 70's the politics there would be very different now. Chico is sort of an island because of its university. The north end of the district just doesn't have anything to attract young people with new ideas.

    This is an area where you get a lot of that "self reliance" bullshit thrown around, while many of the counties remain utterly dependent on subsidies, both direct and indirect, from the wealthier coastal regions like the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, etc. Red State/Blue State inside CA.

    For giggles, check out my old district, CD02, and look ad the D vs R numbers. You get political whiplash if you drive west from Redding...

    •  Then the CA-01 district is similar to CA-49 (3+ / 0-)

      Jerry Tetalman ran in the CA-49 district against Darrell Issa and got a lot similar voting percentage as Jim Reed got vs. Doug LaMalfa.  On the other hand, Issa's CA-49 district is more upscale, more filled with commerce than the CA-01 district.

      I will say though that California is becoming more blue every year and the GOP really can't stop it.  Maybe that's because more moderates are being thrown out of the party.

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