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  •  I was homeless for six months. (4+ / 0-)
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    jpmassar, SilentBrook, zett, sethtriggs

    Anyone having the audacity to tell me I was homeless because I chose to be when my house was sold out from under me I'd make shit his own teeth.

    •  It's easy to compartmentalize your experience. (3+ / 0-)
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      OleHippieChick, AoT, jpmassar

      The horrifying way in which we tie work to identity...and worth as a human being...means that people can minimize your suffering easily and callously. For example, I'm sure that there are those (maybe even on this site) that would say you've:

      1. Made bad decisions and we should not 'bail you out' of them.
      2. Spent too much on luxuries
      3. Are of flawed moral character.

      All sorts of justification for this state of being can be thrown out there. Consider this too - in many regions of the country there are numerous vacant houses and buildings, but they are not able to be occupied or divested to the homeless, because houses are a good. And we can't give the homeless and destitute "things" for free, lest they have some enjoyment in their lives.

      Remember this too--the greatest crime a homeless or impoverished person can commit is to seek some pleasure or joy in life.

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