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View Diary: Eric Cantor will propose Federal Law that Ends Overtime Pay for hourly workers (236 comments)

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  •  In Ancient China (18+ / 0-)

    there was a rule: "Only an old person should curse....and they should only do it once a year."

    So, if you came across some old codger swearing up a blue streak at somebody or some situation, you could tell it was REALLY deserved. The wisdom of age recognizes a truly screwed up situation, and by limiting swearing to once a year it gives the words tremendous force.

    I'm in my 50s, so by the lights of many here I qualify for codger-hood. Also, I recognize its only February of this year, so there's 10 months left in this year.

    But I will go on record here and now:

    Eric Cantor? Your idea of ending overtime pay is a sadistic spitting on the Torah you claim to hold in esteem.
    The vileness of your soul on display in this idea shows that the Evil Impulse has NOT visited you in passing but has taken up residence in the very bowel of your demented being.
    Your very being encumbers the spirits of all who must be in your presence or hear your voice or read your words with grief and livid shame, shame that they might stem from the same species and share any common genetic code with you.

    May your name be erased in Israel and stricken from the scrolls of the children of Israel.
    May your name become a watchword of cursing.
    May your name be used to frighten disobedient children.
    May your name be added to the synonyms for Satan.
    May your prayers at the Western Wall be treated as dust in the wind.
    May the Gentiles add you to their leaden roll of the "odium humani generis" ("Enemies of the human race") alongside cannibals, murderers, rapists, molesters, and the doers of the Holocaust.


    (For those of tender hearts I hope this wasn't too strong. To you, but NOT to the Cantor of Eric---let his name be an execration--- I bid you shalom.)

    "God has given wine to gladden the hearts of people." Psalm 104:15

    by WineRev on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 10:48:40 AM PST

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