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    My relative has A-fib, but never at a high rate. He has had cardio-version attempts even with a HR of 80 or so.  He has a natural, healthy, life-long rate of @55-60 bpm.  So cardioversion (which sometimes works) is not something that is confined to high HR, though most people with A-fib do have very-rapid in addition to an erratic HR.

    What stopped his A-fib was RF ablation. He has needed no drugs since that. But that is a serious heart procedure.

    The rhythm-control drugs, some of which must be initiated while hospitalized, have often unpleasant side effects. And there's the need for anti-coagulation. UGH!

    One side benefit of having an ICD/pacer is that it can be used to cardio-vert (if necesssary) with much less juice since it is internal.  


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