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View Diary: Yahoo CEO To Employees: Get Your [Body] Into The Office (244 comments)

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  •  I actually agree with Marissa Mayer on this (5+ / 0-)
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    I don't think telecommuting is a problem but let's face it, telecommuting can be a problem if too many people at a company do it.  It doesn't always ensure people are at the same page every time, unless the person is at his/her desk at the very same time at his/her home as co-workers are in the actual company's office.

    And let's be frank.  Yahoo has been run by idiots ever since the arrogant Yahoo Board and stupid ego minded investor Carl Icahn were pleading Jerry Yang to have Yahoo be bought my Microsoft, which would have never done Microsoft any good to begin with because without an engineer at the help of the tech company, it just cannot survive.

    So Marissa Mayer may get mixed opinions but she's kicking ass and taking names and may actually be the best thing for Yahoo since Jerry Yang first founded the company.  Goodness, the company has to compete against frickin Google and I think Mayer knows it.  

    Now why doesn't Yahoo put Jerry Yang back on the Board where he belongs?  After all, he was an engineer like Mayer was and he founded Yahoo in the first place.

    Lesson learned:  Listen to the engineers, even if you don't always agree with what they're saying.  This ain't working for Bank of America, where all they are about is cutting costs and nothing else.  Thankfully, Mayer's mind is not on "cutting costs."

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