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View Diary: Yahoo CEO To Employees: Get Your [Body] Into The Office (244 comments)

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  •  This seems old, not new, to me. (1+ / 0-)
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    When I was just entering the workforce, there was a somewhat shocked news article saying that a large tech company (who I will not name) had been forced to have layoffs.  The subtext of that article was that management had screwed the pooch pretty badly, and the company was in trouble.

    At that time, when companies were ashamed to have to lay people off, the joke was that IBM stood for "I've Been Moved."  They aren't laying you off, but your job is now in Wilks-Barre, Pennsylvania.  

    As long as you don't care which 25 percent of the workforce you lose, this is an effective headcount reduction technique.  

    Now of course, CEOs brag about culling staff any way they can.  I don't think things have gotten more cold blooded, just a lot more blatent.

    Sorry to hear you're getting the shaft in this way.

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