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View Diary: Pope Benedict probably wasn't blackmailed into resigning by the gay lobby. Probably. (32 comments)

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  •  what a hot mess (6+ / 0-)

    we really haven't had a Pope since John Paul died.  

    i never could overcome my aversion to the former Cardinal Ratzinger . . . and he provided endless justification for aversion.

    •  I'm not a Catholic but after John Paul (0+ / 0-)

      this man hasn't seemed very...holy or saintly. John Paul struck even the casual observer from afar as a really good and caring person (even though his big efforts against  birth control in placse that it would eleviate suffering is very difficult).

      John Paul, IIRC worked with the partisans and helped Jews during WW2. Ratzinger was in the nazi youth.

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