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View Diary: The sequester is stupid and contractionary, but Republicans can't stop themselves (100 comments)

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  •  Can't get more disingenuous than Republicans (19+ / 0-)

    Oh yes, they want cuts. Badly. Even Rand Paul says those in the sequester are just "nibbling at the edges". But when you ask them to specify WHERE they want those cuts, all you hear are crickets sounds...because they don't want to OWN them cuts since the public will be mad at cuts.

    The most telling is when they target...Social Security, whose contribution to the deficit is exactly: $0. That alone says it all about the Republicans' so called "deficit disorder" by debunking it thoroughly. It's not even moving the chairs on the Titanic. It's a bs excuse to undo a program they've been steadfastly against from the get go.

    They can call it Obamaquester or some other name all they want, we so know what this is all about. If they can't own the cuts that they want, or own the sequester, trust me they won't own the ensuing economic disaster.

    Motherfucking Republicans!

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