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    I read "Wealth and Democracy", had read maddog's article in full when it first appeared, and now yours, and I am struck by how such revelations, once realized by the people, are so completely forgotten.

    I still remember Reagan railing against progressive income tax, how it stifles growth, and recall how that led ultimately (though it took its time during the Reagan years) to the Stockman economic "theory".

    What was so fucking wrong with our economy in pre-Nixonian days that we needed such a radical "fix"?

    I am amazed to this day how ordinary poor folk galvanized to Reagan.  I can only imagine that they liked him in a hat, and don't much think about all the rest.

    The steamroller of the wealthiest never rests.  Sometimes it bides its time, but it never ceases in its determined drive to steal all it can from our nation, our towns, our savings, our very lives.

    Perhaps this is a non-sequiter, but how do you think the lesson of Orwell's "Animal Farm" (essentially that power corrupts, I suppose), or even the Who's "Won't Be Fooled Again" - the the new bosses are always going to be just like the old bosses relates to this?

    I recall learning that in Colonial Days, there was a spirit among the people experiencing the nascent rebirth of humanity, and that there was agreement among the people (borne of the spirit of 76 and in common with the French Revolution) that the evils in this world are the cabals (in France, the Guilds).

    There are ideally only two principle interests to be considered in state governance:  what is good for the individual, and what is good for all.  What is good for this or that political group is what gives rise to the failure of government.  The Founding Fathers recognized this, this is why Washington and Jefferson et al eschewed political parties, by definition a band of self-interested collaborators.

    Great insights NBBooks, best of luck to you, and godspeed.  Do carry on!

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