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View Diary: Unusual Cetacean Mortality Event in Third Year on North Gulf Coast, Feds Haven't Found Cause (61 comments)

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  •  Clearly the environment is dying -- too obvious? (17+ / 0-)

    "Uh, well, there's all these dolphins and fish dying, and people getting permanently sick, and the seafood is deformed and poisonous, and the water tastes funny, and trees and plants are turning sickly and yellow for miles and miles .... durn it, we just have no answer as to what could be wrong."
     I'm quite sure the Gulf fishermen who jumped at the chance to sail around in polluted waters and immerse themselves for days on end in oil and dispersant and breathe fume-laden air saw it as a way to "make good money". Their future health? Not their concern at the time.
    Doing the same mistakes over and over: the latest NatGeo issue is all about the fracking boom in the US, and how those prairie people are eager as hell  to get "good paying jobs" slopping around in the oil and fluid residue, handling waste and pollutants, driving fume-belching hordes of semi's around their towns and farms.
    What's the odds, you think, of 5-10 years from now their kids are continuously sick, their water tastes really bad, and they are laden with cancers and chronic diseases?
    But it's okay, they had them "good paying jobs."

    Ash-sha'b yurid isqat an-nizzam!

    by fourthcornerman on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 07:38:41 AM PST

    •  It's not dying a natural death, for sure (14+ / 0-)

      I've been looking at the problems of the northern prairie over the last week. I might post on it sometime in the next week. I suspect that most people don't realize how endangered the habitat is and how important is is.

      look for my eSci diary series Thursday evening.

      by FishOutofWater on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 07:43:27 AM PST

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    •  I've posted this very sad and angry poem before (5+ / 0-)

      but I can't help thinking of it so very often, these days.  

      The Market Economy
      by Marge Piercy

      Suppose some peddler offered
      you can have a color TV
      but your baby will be
      born with a crooked spine;
      you can have polyvinyl cups
      and wash and wear
      suits but it will cost
      you your left lung
      rotted with cancer; supposed
      somebody offered you
      a frozen precooked dinner
      every night for ten years
      but at the end
      your colon dies
      and then you do,
      slowly and with much pain.
      You get a house in the suburbs
      but you work in a new plastics
      factory and die at fifty-one
      when your kidneys turn off.

      But where else will you
      work? where else can
      you rent but Smog City?
      The only houses for sale
      are under the yellow sky.
      You’ve been out of work for
      a year and they’re hiring
      at the plastics factory.
      Don’t read the fine
      print, there isn’t any.

      "The extinction of the human race will come from its inability to EMOTIONALLY comprehend the exponential function." -- Edward Teller

      by lgmcp on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 09:52:43 AM PST

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