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  •  Many liberals were also bothered by MO's (5+ / 0-)
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    Odysseus, Chi, Roadbed Guy, Rogneid, VClib

    appearance at the Oscar's, especially since the film she announced as getting Best Picture is little more than a CIA PR vehicle. The militaristic backdrop of her appearance also didn't help any.

    American exceptionalism is America's road to perdition.

    by Alexandre on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 11:46:14 PM PST

    •  Thanks for your comment (9+ / 0-)

      I understand your concerns about Michelle Obama's appearance at the Oscars. What I'm taking issue with in the post is not concerns such as yours, but the extreme hostility of the Right toward the President and the First Lady every time they appear in public. Inexplicable to me is the hostility of right-wingers toward Michelle Obama, who has been treated as though she has no business in public and subjected to some of the vilest comments imaginable by right-wing Twitterers and bloggers. This is quite different from mere concern or criticism.

      "Work is the curse of the drinking classes." -Oscar Wilde

      by eades on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 12:45:05 AM PST

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    •  then maybe a more content neutral example would (13+ / 0-)

      suffice such as attacking her "healthy kids" initiative where she encourages kids to exercise and eat healthy and tries to set a positive example . Rush's measured, considered response?  She has a big butt.

      It is this fact free criticism of the First Family (remember their comparing Chelsea to a dog) after 8 years of crickets regarding GWB's time in office and how the twins' various escapades were off limits due to the family's delicate feelings?

      •  My Dad If He Ran For Office In His District (7+ / 0-)
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        entlord, kbman, Odysseus, LynChi, Rogneid, a2nite, VClib

        would maybe win in a landslide. A moderate Republican. A person that I am pretty sure would be a good rep.

        He doesn't run for office for several reasons. Close to the top of the list myself, my brother, and my mom. He doesn't want to open up us to potential attacks.

        Digging in our lives.

        And there is the problem. I am pretty sure there are a lot of smart people out there. That could run for office, but chose not to, cause well they don't want to open themseleves up to the hate and mean spirtness of it all.

        When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

        by webranding on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 01:14:47 AM PST

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        •  also the cost; the last primary I ran in over a (6+ / 0-)

          decade ago cost me over $1500 in registration fees before I spent a penny on campaigning.  Meanwhile the incumbent had people lining up to cover the cost of his fees

          •  Money Isn't A Problem (2+ / 0-)
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            Odysseus, Rogneid

            He has more money then he can spend in a lifetime (via inheritance). I keep pushing him to run, cause well I think it would be good for my state or nation. A sane dude, even if we don't agree on everything.

            But honestly I am not sure my dad would last ten minutes in DC. He doesn't cotton much to stupid people. He'd tell that to your face and not blush for a second.

            When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

            by webranding on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 01:29:55 AM PST

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            •  maybe not for him but it is a problem generally (1+ / 0-)
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              Also, you have noted previously that his wealth is largely illiquid, largely placed in real estate and similar possessions or investments, which does not lend itself to ready conversion.

              Without the support of the local power structure or political sugar daddy or significant support from nontraditional sources, I would venture today that anyone with less than $10M in assets of a fairly liquid nature is not able to make a credible run for the prize as an outsider or maverick.

              •  Yes. It Shouldn't Cost That Much To Run For Office (1+ / 0-)
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                But back to my first comment. My dad has been married to my mom since 1965. Yet she was married and then divorced before she married my father.

                I didn't know this until a few years ago when I was 40. Alas I guess it is not something you talk about. I assume something that would be dug up.

                When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

                by webranding on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 01:41:45 AM PST

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                •  parents generally take a good many secrets (2+ / 0-)
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                  webranding, exterris

                  to their graves as the knowledge of it would not help their families and everyone has to preserve a modicum of their own privacy in regards their history.

                  I certainly don't intend full disclosure with my kids though they are adult with children of their own

                  •  It Made Sense In Hindsight (1+ / 0-)
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                    I learned it at my grandfathers funeral. Just some random dude told me about it. I asked my father about it and he said it was true, now never speak of it again.

                    I honored his wish.

                    And by made sense I mean my dad's parents always looked down on my mom. Treated her like a second class citizen. I assume this might have been the root cause of it.

                    When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

                    by webranding on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 01:58:56 AM PST

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                    •  given the date I would suspect so (1+ / 0-)
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                      growing up in the 50's. I remember another couple that was friends with my parents and she had been divorced.  In the community among some people, a stigma attached to her though it did not attach to her ex husband who also re-married

    •  Yep. It's a very short distance between young (0+ / 0-)

      officers in formal attire to JACKBOOTED THUGS BAYONETING BABIES!!!!!!

    •  Alexandre - I too have been surprised by (0+ / 0-)

      how many liberals have been very critical of Michelle's appearance at the Oscars.  Personally, I thought she looked spectacular, but I too was stunned when she came on the screen and thought it was out of place. I also thought that she should have told us a sentence or two about the other people in the background. By their uniforms it appeared that they were members of the military who are aides to senior flag officers or attached to the White House, but most people were likely puzzled.

      "let's talk about that"

      by VClib on Tue Feb 26, 2013 at 10:04:52 AM PST

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