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View Diary: Trayvon Martin, One Year Later (44 comments)

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  •  thank you so much for writing this. (3+ / 0-)
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    Avila, WakeUpNeo, a2nite

    that photo of trayvon  still brings tears to my eyes.

    •  i know it does (2+ / 0-)

      we've been on the same side of this from day one, and as hard and painful as this day has been, i'm really very glad to see you.

      •  and me, you! {hugs} (2+ / 0-)
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        WakeUpNeo, Avila
        •  hugs back ;) (1+ / 0-)

          i've really missed you!

          •  wow! that is such a nice thing to say. (1+ / 0-)
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            this site is such a family!

          •  do you know what the worst of this is for me, (1+ / 0-)
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            last year when i found out about this, i don't think i had ever been so angry for a long long long time... punctuated by a blinding grief ... tears rolling down my face when doing the dishes, for example.

            this week, there is just this lump of sadness.  kinda distant.  kinda numb.  (so many gun deaths in between)

            time doesn't heal wounds, it just replaces emotional clarity with loss and resignation and a kind of conditioning to numbness.

            and particular to me possibly only, it's been another lesson that i don't really need, or really want to accept: that there are some people who really are just trash.  george zimmerman is just trash.  and he's going to be afforded all the benefits of our system of justice, because he is the inheritor of the privileges of this country and its systems.  and he will have neither honored that country's civilising impulses nor contributed to it in anyway.

            i really didn't need to be exposed to someone like that, or re-experience that dynamic.

            •  i'm so sorry (1+ / 0-)

              really, how does anyone react to the senseless, unnecessary death of a child, which wasn't even prosecuted until his parents used the internet as a way to tell their story?

              all in all, incredibly traumatizing, and in June, when the trial begins, i expect the same anger and tears all over again.  i hope you'll be here if you can be.  you always helped me through the worst of the emotional storms.

              bless you.


              •  of course, i will be here in june. (0+ / 0-)

                it's just that justice in a circumstance like this is so utterly empty.

                i have no doubt GZ will do jail time.  he's not getting out this one easily.  

                but to what purpose?  he's already a seriously mixed up, grasping, obstreporous little shit.  jail isn't going to improve that.  

                my one hope is that he will raise MILLIONS  for his trial expenses and the Martin/Fulton family will win on a civil suit and take that pile of dough right out from under him, and from the rascists who contributed it.

                Am I bitter?  Only a little.

                Bless you too.  

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