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View Diary: Obama rejects GOP gambit to 'gloss over' negative impact of spending cuts (95 comments)

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  •  Reid did nothing about the filibuster because he (1+ / 0-)
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    did not want to interfere with the Senate's cush schedule, 2-3 days a week and not much to do on those days.....and $170,000 to boot.....let's not kid ourselves on why the Senate Dem's did not support the filibuster.  They are only a bit less corrupt than the republicans.

    •  Congress only works at Lawmaking 2-3 days/week (1+ / 0-)
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      The rest of the time, they're fundraising. The problem is especially acute for Representatives since they have a two-year election cycle.

      If you're a newly-elected House member, you literally have to be shilling for bucks the day after you get elected and you can never stop.

      Both parties have to do this, and successful Congress members have to "dial for dollars" or otherwise whore themselves to donors for hours each day.

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