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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Guns and marijuana—some folks would like to keep us in the dark (102 comments)

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  •  first of all, it's not blocking imports from Canad (0+ / 0-)

    a, but re-importation of drugs because they cost a lot less due to other-government pricing, meaning the drugs were made here and exported there for a less expensive price, giving the markup to Canadians profitable for them but less profitable to the Americans that sell drugs at U.S. middle class incomes, which would be fine if more people, no-Americans, could be a part of it.

    Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about was that how much policy is made due to the concern of governmental agents in power's children. "Won't somebody please think of the children?!" is the popular Simpson's tagline.

    " and the DEA refusing to reconsider the drug’s designation in the Controlled Substances Act as a dangerous substance with no medical value on the basis that sufficient research does not exist. He alleges that the government has blocked research even though it has long been aware of marijuana’s potential to serve many medical benefits including shrink aggressive cancer cells is because it might “send the wrong message to children”:"

    I've read Alternet's excellent reporting on the 5 major reasons why marijuana is still illegal in the U.S., and that's California prison employee unions, big pharma, big beer, big DEA, and i forget the other ones. But if i could add another reason, it's the culture that parents fear having their children growing up in, which is a Kingston, Jamaica or Kensington Market, Toronto. Oh dear, the bongos and the rainbo flags are moving in, oh dear, it doesn't run well with the clean cut, cutting edge business attire of the financial districts of every major metropolitan U.S. city, including SF and NYC, but we all know that SF is really a model example of why affluence is compatible with lip service to progressive policy. Hanging out in a neighborhood where enforcement is well-informed of the latest drug reform laws are going to make for a better recidivism culture. Just look at Norway:
    In any other district unenlightened to liberal drug policy, drug policy violaters will be treated like cattle, rounded up and placed in corporate prisons because of the bloody revenue that the trade brings up. It's interesting that Columbia's FARC wants to promote drug legalisation, because it's slightly different from like the cartels of Capone and other current organized crime that wish to keep illegal drugs illegal only because they'll retain a monopoly over the market as it is.
    Maybe their non-western cultural cache has given them a talking point that is worth using, considering the conservative DEA's approach hasn't worked for the past 40+ years.

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