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View Diary: Stephen Colbert looks at Battleground Texas trying to turn Texas blue (12 comments)

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  •  I am so excited I can barely (3+ / 0-)
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    stand it.  :)  That said we should not underestimate what a huge task this will be.  It will be a long, tough and very ugly slog.  Some tea party whack jobs here hate the President more than you can imagine.  His election has driven them over the cliff.  They've been brain washed into believing Democrats are the root of all evil.  We are communists, socialists, and nazis.  I know, they are projecting their own assholery.   Yesterday I got into it with teabagger in the comments section of the Houston Chronicle.  Check out Ted Cruz's and Rick Perry's base.

    (I post as CSA).


    Oh thats right CSA, I guess Shela Jackson Lee won on her own merits. Texas is and will always be a conservative state. Only the urban... areas have been turned into Socialist enclaves by the uninformed. Mexicans believe in God, family, hard work and are pro-life. Sound familiar? That's right, the "Conservative" Republican platform. The Rhinos in the party will be history by the 2014 elections never to be seen again unless they switch to the DemocRAT party. Battleground Texas is just another COMMUNIST organization that will fail miserably and fall to it's death on it's own sword. Texans do not want what the Socialists are selling and will be dealt with accordingly.

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