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  •  i've only been to two- (3+ / 0-)
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    Adam B, ETinKC, JamieG from Md

    i went to yearly kos in chicago in 2007, and to nn12 in providence.

    there are dozens of panels and training sessions each day- when you pick up your badge you receive a schedule. it's hard to choose what to have to miss!

    my favorite two training sessions were on using social media and on how to work on a campaign. i know the titles were a little different. sorry.

    anyway, a lady who ran one of al franken's campaign hq's was the host and main speaker at the campaign training session. she was very informative- i used a lot of what she said this summer and fall.

    if you go, definitely attend any panel or training session where dr alan rosenblatt and/or beth becker are speaking. they do a fantastic job of explaining how campaigns should be using social media.

    i volunteer on campaigns- i do whatever they want. what i found challenging was making sure people were accurately identifying who our voters were. the door knocking and phone calling is partly persuasion in come cases, but i think ultimately it's about finding out who our voters are and getting them to the polls.

    on election day, when you have checkers from your campaign at each polling place, you can keep track of which of your voters have voted and which ones haven't. you can then send drivers out to pick up people who haven't voted yet. and in the weeks and days before the election, you can make appointments w/ your voters to pick them up and drive them to the polls.

    this all only works if you know who your voters are. if you have volunteers or paid canvassers who don't understand the importance of accurately iding the voters, you're working w/ potentially inaccurate data.

    some people really like the VAN voter activation network, but we still had to get the registrar of voters to give us lists for us to go off of.

    i think there are probably municipal or local elections this year you could get your feet wet on- there won't be high turnout, but a lot of what you'll do in 2014 you could do this year. is there anyone on your democratic town committee you feel comfortable talking to?

    i'm not excited about being on my city's dtc- i keep saying no. i really prefer to just work like a dog for candidates i like. i go to some of the meetings so i have an idea of what's going on, but i don't want to be on the committee. chances are though that if you start going to the meetings you'll get an idea of who can be trusted.

    do you like your state rep and state senator? are they dems? could you help one of them w/ his/her gotv?

    this summer and fall i volunteered for both state and us candidates, but leading up to election day i spent the bulk of my time in my state rep candidate's hq. on election day our us senator candidate's local city hq noticed our state district was doing an unusually good job at gotv so they moved some of their resources over to us.

    we were only doing a good job because we had a great team and we had a grip on our data- we knew who our voters were, and whether or not they had yet voted.

    i've never run a campaign- i don't know how you decide what events your candidate should attend, what interviews he should do, etc. all i really spend my time on is gotv. i go to events to support my candidates, and i do whatever needs to be done to keep the hq running and to make sure the volunteers and voters know how important they are, but all i want is to know who our voters are so we can get them to the polling place.

    also i only work like a dog for candidates i believe in. your time spent volunteering is very valuable- it's not just what they save by not having to pay you- it's what they save by not having to fundraise to then have to pay you. a good volunteer is worth a fortune.

    "...i also also want a legally binding apology." -George Rockwell

    by thankgodforairamerica on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 07:52:52 AM PST

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