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  •  Sorry, but you are ALL over the map (1+ / 0-)
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    You are applying a strict assumption about how the system works, that isn't fundamentally true.  

    As for space boosterism - just because someone sees resources offered by space does not lead to the logical conclusion of abandon earth.  I don't see it.  

    •  I'm assuming based on what I see (1+ / 0-)
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      Happy Ones

      Nothing I see suggests that humanity is interested in anything but BAU: more consumption, more pollution, more profit ... glory be to Mammon in the highest!  If things change, it will be because change is forced upon us, most likely as blowback in the form of catastrophic ecosphere failure.  We're not just going off the cliff, we're doing it with grim determination because we think we have to.  As far as the rich are concerned, the environmentalist utopia is functionally equivalent to straight-up economic suicide.  Fewer people consuming fewer resources?!  Why don't we just blow our greedy wad and end up just as poor a century later after a really awesome party?  It really doesn't help that these are the kind of people who'd rather reign in hell than serve in heaven; the kind of people who'd rather be buried in pyramids in a climate changed wasteland surrounded by their treasures and the bodies of their wretched slaves ... than be mulch for a tree growing in a park in a sustainable utopia.

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