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View Diary: GOP clears field for Steve King's Senate run. Good luck with that. (70 comments)

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  •  watch out for "no way" arguments (0+ / 0-)

    saying that stuff lulls a certain percentage of voters (and people from elsewhere who might otherwise donate  money) into not worrying about it. So Dems stay home that day and supporters don't send money or work for the Dem candidate.

    I'm in MA. Coakley was a shoe in, and Brown had not a chance. (not saying Brown is as crazy as this guy). The media reported that. When they do that, people want to give the other guy a look because they resent being told who they are going to vote for.

    Don't county your chickens, is my advice. Saying it's unlikely is something different. I am and will say this to any Dem for now on who dismisses the possiblity of some Republican candidate from winning.

    Otherwise you info was heartening so thanks for that.

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