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  •  A reporter just tweeted out this New Yorker (4+ / 0-)

    article from April 2012 that says one of the grand jurors gave them info after the leads seemed to run cold.

    So what did Woodward and Bernstein actually learn from Z? They learned who the grand jury was most interested in, that White House Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman and presidential assistant John Ehrlichman had received information from wiretaps, and that White House Counsel John Dean was “very involved.” In early 1973, asked by Senator Sam Ervin for his best and most important leads, Bob put Z’s information on the same level as Deep Throat’s. That’s a pretty high level. -

    The author had unfettered access to Ben Bradlee's WaPost files and there were a bunch of notes and other documents in there revealing these contacts.

    Bernstein's quote in the article about the revelation:

    “Maybe they’ll send us to jail after all.”

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