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  •  Oh, woot, what a beautiful diary you've (13+ / 0-)

    written.  I read above that you cried all the way through.  I did too.

    You are the very best daughter ever.  I remember your last years with your mom in your home, and how you were so good to her.  Making sure she was safe and getting the best care even when it meant significant sacrifice for you and your husband.

    I will never forget these things.  You have taught me what it truly means to honor your mother.  I hope and pray that I am never put to that test, but if that is in my future I hope that I can be as unselfish and completely giving as you have been.

    Do you remember the time you "went missing" and I tracked you down and called your house?  Your Mom was so sweet on the phone.  It was before she'd gotten so far in her disease, and she was able to remember and relay my message for you.  I can still hear her sweet voice as she took that message.  I'll bet you can still hear her, too.

    Bless you, woot.  I can't imagine how hard these days are for you, but I pray that you'll get comfort now that the circle is finally closing.

    Peace and love to all of you.

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