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View Diary: F**K YOU Ted Cruz, Allen West, Michelle Bachmann, et al. This Is Personal. (65 comments)

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  •  We hardly had any Communists (10+ / 0-)

    by the time McCarthy began his witch hunt. A good many Communists bailed out in the 30s after the show trials in Moscow and the Nazi non-aggression pact.

    But you're right, there was a tremendous effort to tar any semblance of socialism or social democracy with the same brush used for actual Communists. "Pink" was considered to be as bad as "red" in the 50s. And if you'd "ever been" a Communist, that was as bad as currently being one.

    If we hadn't had this poisonous atmosphere, we might well have gone down a different road as a country, and wouldn't be still arguing about things like universal healthcare today.

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