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View Diary: Defeat for anti-tax morans in WA (55 comments)

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  •  I assure you, I am VERY pissed (3+ / 0-)

    And not all of dirtbag Rodney Tom's district is in Medina.  HE lives there, but I certainly don't.  I live in Redmond.  Okay, maybe not a hell of a lot better, but my part of the district is decidedly NOT like Medina.  Homes here are much more modest and there are large apartment communities.  The district is a mix.  The 48th and the County and State parties have already censured him and already we are looking for a replacement.  There's talk of a recall, but I think that would be a wasted effort.  Better to let him undermine the hell out of himself and run a tight campaign against him in 2014.  I assure you I want to see that bastard go down.

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