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View Diary: NRA paints itself into a corner on background checks (124 comments)

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  •  There is no effective UNIVERSAL background check (5+ / 0-)

    without some form of gun registration.
    If there is no registration then there is no registered transfer in a private sale, so there is no mechanism for making sure that private sales include a background check so people will skip that part because it costs $15 and Tyranny!
    So our porous system prevented 1.7 million people from buying NEW guns. That doesn't mean that it prevented them from buying guns. It just means they couldn't buy them from a licensed dealer.
    In order to seal up that system, there has to be some way that the authorities know when a gun is being sold. Without some form of registration, that is not happening.
    And outlawing private sales is unworkable, it would mean that you either had to hold on to your gun forever or could only sell it to a dealer and over a barrel that way, the dealers would be free to keep the price they paid very low.
    Registration should not be any kind of problem for legitimate gun owners. The "confiscation" scare tactic is just that.

    If I ran this circus, things would be DIFFERENT!

    by CwV on Thu Feb 28, 2013 at 01:44:03 PM PST

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