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View Diary: Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!!! (171 comments)

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  •  Evenin' Bill, Michael & Koslanders! (27+ / 0-)

    CHEERS for sunny days, and "guaranteed" to be in the upper 50's tomorrow. And,
    CHEERS that Littlee Annie seems to be getting better, with less gas and less diarrhea. Diarrhea you ask? Well, Joan is off to CA for a couple of days, and Annie had some bowel problems on Wednesday. Wednesday night I heard a commotion, heard Belle's feet hit the floor, and Annie scurrying around (they were both sleeping with me). I smelled it before I saw it. There on the quilt was a big surprise. Belle had hid under the bed, and Annie was looking confused. Just what one wants at 1:30 am. After I got Annie on the floor and out the door, I pulled Belle out from under the bed and deposited her on Joe's bed, then stripped the quilt off. I have never smelled gas as bad as what Annie has had. I got concerned and took a "sample" of the feces to the vet. They couldn't find anything specific, so Annie got a very bland supper. Last night Belle went right for Joe's bed, not taking any chances, and Annie woke me at 3 am, wanting out. She got distracted by 3 dear that had decided to bed down in our pasture, and I had to traipse out in the rain in my bathrobe to get her to stop barking and come in the house. Only a little gas apparent today, and she is more playful. But,

    JEERS that this didn't happen at Joan's house. Why me, lord? And,

    JEERS that POTUS is walking back his involvement in sequestration. Fess up, and go forward, guy. And, speaking of long words,

    CHEERS that this is the 150th year of Idaho's formation as a territory (sesquicentennial). How's that for a word? Idaho was largely formed by taking land away from the Oregon Territory. Bit of info here: Joe's grandfather was in the 2nd state legislature, an uncle followed, and I had an ancestor who was a circuit judge in central Idaho. My folks go back a little father in Idaho than his, but not by much. And,

    JEERS that I forgot to mention that 2/21 was our 55th anniversary. Would have both forgotten had we not received a card from eldest daughter. She informed me that it is the emerald anniversary, but what emeralds I had I have already given to the daughters. I don't exactly for anywhere jewelery is appropriate these days. And,

    CHEERS to all of you. Stay strong, stay healthy, and most of all, stay weird. p.s. Don't forget to write.

     Love, mcmom

    I think, therefore I am. I think.

    by mcmom on Fri Mar 01, 2013 at 04:57:38 PM PST

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