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View Diary: Protect National Guard Military Technicians from Furloughs (20 comments)

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  •  Maybe, but still - other countries (0+ / 0-)

    survive without all this shit.


    Again - this hearkens back to my comment about "American Exceptionalism" - somehow we're the only/main one that can't.

    And I'm not sure that that is a good thing.

    •  Yes, our military is large. (0+ / 0-)

      So is our country. You need a lot fewer people to defend France than the U.S> which takes up half a continent.  They also generally don't deal with hurricanes in Europe or tornadoes.

      And those nations DO have planes that need to be kept flying and pilots to fly them. I'll talk to you when YOU need the antional Guard.

      Got nothjing to do with AMerican Exceptionalism,.  I don't think we're better than anywhere else. I lived happily in Japan for 7 years on a base shared with the Japanese. I loved every minute I spent in that country. And considering how much I LOATHE the religious conservatism here int he South and which pervades America in general and some of the racism I see around me on a daily basis--I think we need to get a whole lot better in so many ways.

      But you, as always didn't repsond to the simple facts that I pointed out.  Military people have to train on a regular basis to keep up their skills.  That means pilots MUST log a certain number of houes to keep their flight status, which means the planes have to be kept in condition to fly. Same thing with carriers and other ships.  They drill constantly on how to put out a fire, for isntance, as well having planes take off and land (because JIC you have't figured it out, landing a plane on a moving postage stamp isn't a skill you wake up with one morning).

      And by the way, those other countries with much smaller militaries ALSO have to train and keep pilots up to snuff and planes and ships in readiness.  Remember the French--who bombed Libya form oen of THEIR carriers? Or the Brits who fought a war in the Falklands using (GASP) planes and ships?

      There's plenty that can be cut--and we seriously need to change the way military contracts atre written. WHy shouldn't the companies COMPETE for weapons systems by offering a finished product to the military--with SMALL amounts to hep with the devt--instead of the govt. paying completely for the devt. and dealing with cost overruns every damned time? Why do we have to pay inflated amounts for parts?

      Hell my husband figured out repairing a particular instrument which tended to degrade and corrode when exposed to salt water  cost three times as much to repair because you had to order every part separately with separate forms (man hours plus cost of parts) then when you got the parts in, you basically had to rebuild the entire instrument (MORE man hours)==than it did to buy a new instrument . That was how it was done. It took him a several weeks of arguing with higher ups to get permission to just order a new one becausye that was how it had always been done--because no one had done the math. I aslo had a friend in the AF who fixed cameras.  Theyfrequently needed replacement screws which could be bought for pennies at Home Depot. Instead, they had to req them, which meant time wsted filling out paperwork, and wait till the got them in--and the screws cost 10 tiems what they'd have cost at Home Depot. So withotu telling anyone,t hey all chipped in and bought a shitload of them---same screw, mind you. ANd didn[t tellt he LT. Cut that kind iof crap,.

      Basicallym, you don't like the miltiary, dont udnerstand what it does and what is required to keep it going. Yous ee it as a waste ofmoney.

      You don't know the sacrifices military famileis make and can't empathize withhtem--and don't want to.

      So end of discussion. Arguin with soemoen who won't get it, because he doesn't want to--and who doesnt udnerstand the long hours military people work and doens't respect them abnyway--it's a waste of my time.

      The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

      by irishwitch on Thu Feb 28, 2013 at 07:22:15 PM PST

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